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I thought the magazine was priced high also but after reading your review might have to give it a second thought. Thanks for sharing.

Pam Welch

Thanx Amy! I have been trying to decide if I wanted to subscribe or not, you have totally sold me!! I love my Cricut, I don't think that I could scrapbook without it. Right now I am really into the Cindy Loo cartridge!!! Pam :)

madeline St onge

Thanks Amy, I thought the magazine was on the pricey side.
I got a new Cricut for Christmas, my old one died on me so now I can finally play with the paper doll cartridges I bought

Amy Schario

I agree with everyone that it is on the pricey side but I am going to check it out again. My Hubby says to just get it because I will defiantly use it but I just don't know. Thanks for the review.

Kelly Massman

I do own a Cricut! This magazine would be fun for inspiration for it! Thanks!

Northridge Publishing

We just wanted to note that print subscriptions for the Cricut Magazine are as low as $6.25/issue, digital subscriptions $4.95/issue, and month-to-month print subscriptions are at $9.95/issue. You can find out more on the subscriptions here:

Tammy Morrill, Editor, Cricut Magazine

Thanks for the review, Amy! You hit on the things we love about it, too -- gorgeous pics and showing what a wide variety of styles the Cricut can support. Such a great tool. And thanks for the suggestions, too -- we're finishing up the second issue right now and it will have tutorials for several of the projects we're showcasing. Definitely nice sometimes to get a break-down so you know better how to make something -- or just pick up a new technique! Keep the feedback coming, we're listening! :)


I have the original baby bug! I love it!! I'm looking forward to seeing the magazine.

Heather C

OH how exciting!! I can't wait to see it. I have a project published in it!! Glad to know it is one to read. I have an expression and right now my go-to cartridge seems to be Caligraphy. I know an oldie, but goody!!

Janette Childs

I have an expression and an imagine, and I couldn't live without them. I do think the price of the magazine is a little steep, but I think it is good to mention that you can get an online version for half the price, which doesn't allow you to take it to carpool, but you can be inspired on a budget =).

Karen Sheffer

I own the expression and a gypsy. I don't even use my carts anymore except to load them on the gypsy. :D I'm interested in seeing the magazine, but the price point is a bit steep for me for a magazine subscription!

Cynthia B.

I have the original Cricut and have thought about getting an Expression (just to get bigger cuts for projects), buy haven't bitten the bullet. The price of this mag immediately makes me back off of it, but I'm very curious now that I've read your review. I haven't bought a cartridge in a long time, but my favorites (Graphically Speaking and Oppostes Attract, to name two) get used again and again.
Thanks for the chance to see this new publication!

Cheryl Warren

Very excited about this magazine, as well! I, like you, am also hoping that they will add more technical info because I know the Cricut does so much more than I know how to do!! I am so glad to see someone else who is tired of all the cutesy stuff! Thanks for a great review Amy - I think I need to get this!!

Dawn W.

I own the original cricut and am a new owner. My favorite cartridge is probably accent essentials. I would LOVE to check out this magazine as I think there is LOTs to do with the cricut that I am missing out on. In other words, I think I need a little "cricut inspiration" and this could be just the help I need. Thanks for the chance!

Mandie Wade

I own the Cricut Expression and the Imagine. I LOVE Create a Critter right now :)


That was a very nice review. I would love to get a copy of the magazine. I have a Cricuit and love it!!

Jessica Canham

I'm extremely curious about the Cricut magazine especially because I'm going to get a Cricut soon. Haven't decided yet between the "baby bug" or the Expression. I only make cards so I'm not sure if I "need" the 12x12 option, plus the larger footprint of the machine could be an issue. Thanks for the chance to win and for the great review!


Great review and thank you for letting us know about the price change. I'm a new follower, I follow you on facebook and just got the link to your blog. TFS!!! -Sam :-)

Charity Donaldson

I love my Cricut, especially with the Gypsy! TFS the info about the magazine!

Andrea Amu

Thanks for this awesome review!
I am a cricut lover and soo can't wait to finally see this first issue!
I use my Cricut almost daily and right now with winter, I'm getting a ton of use with the Winter lace seasonal cartridge!


I just got a cricut and love it. The mag sounds cool and I would love to win one.


I purchased a cricut expresssion a little less than a year ago, but last weekend was the first time I've ever used it!!! I have seen amazing things done with the cricut, but have always been too intimidated to try them for myself (even after I purchased the machine). Well, one of my goals for 2011 is to push myself out of my comfort zone and do things that I really want to do, but have been too afraid, busy, lazy, intimidated or whatever to do! So hello, Cricut! You Tube videos have been an amazing help for info on the cricut, but I'm a little old school and would love to have paper in hand to learn...Cricut Magazine!!! Thank you for the very helpful review and the giveaway!

Renee J.

I love my personal Cricut. It is so cute an so much fun! One of my fave carts. is "Sweethearts". It is filled with so much love! Thanks for the chance to win!


I have been curious about the new mag. Thanks for your review. I will probably check it out on-line. Although I am still a tactile person and would love to have a hard copy in hand to peruse while I sip my tea.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Good luck to all.



Thank you for a great review:) I too, think the price is too steep. As I live in Europe, I have not even bother to check out the subscription price to have the mag. sent here. I`m also very tired of all the "cutesy" I see everywhere. I so much would like to get some inspiration and help to use my Expression in, as you said, Amy, more "advanced" design style. Maybe I should get a digital copy to try the magazine and give it a chance:) Thanks again:)

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