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Hi...Not sure how the contest works ... Maybe I misunderstood but to enter is it one comment for each daily blog post, or is this comment sufficient to enter the contest? I can't make a commitment to come back to this blog daily, I can't go to them all! I like what I see here and will definitely be back for inspiration and ideas. So if you could let me know how the entries will be accepted, I'd appreciate the clarification. Thanks!


Love this blog and the great inspiration! My favorite candy were the sugarie gummy lemon wedges! And it was also my dad's. He would go through our bags and take a few! Did I say that I love this blog? I make time to visit every day! ;-)


My favorite Halloween candy is Butterfinger and, lucky me, my boys don't mind me taking those from their bags! :-)

Jeanette Munson

is that a stand styrofoam? love how its like a tree thinking christmas already.
love the holloween canvas.
happy holloween everyone!:)

Melanie K.

Fast Break bars .... but anything with chocolate and peanut butter will do!


Loved your mini album that is a great idea to do that before and loved that frame too cool
I just like everything chocolate :)

scrappy Debbie C.

Really liked how both your canvas picture and your halloween album turned gave me great ideas. Debby's tree is oh so cute too.
My favourite halloween candy was and still is the kraft carmels...mmm...

Jessica Hess

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!!!! Yumo!


Hi y'all, what a great canvas!!! And using a frame on a mini book...who knew!!! lovely TFS


Love the mini album, that is just too amazing all the work involved in that. The canvas is also such a cool idea. My favorite candy is the Aero chocolate bars, so yummy. Happy Halloween Amy!

Donna VW

Great canvas and album. Thanks for sharing. Oh - and I love candy corn!


Hello! Great Video! Love the Halloween Book. I may start one today! :)
My favorite Halloween Candy is Mini Twix bars. I am not sure why everything mini tastes so much better, probably because then you don't feel the guilt as much. :) ..... unless you eat 2 or 3 of em.
Thanks for the chance to win!


thanks for posting my layout :) it's kinda fun to be on a real scrapbooking blog :)

Ruth Allmart

Wow! I absolutely LOVED your canvas and your mini album. I am off to the scrapbook store today to pick up some of that Tattered Angels 'Marshmallow' spray. Yummy! Thanks for the amazing inspiration.

marla H.

My favorite halloween candy is ANYTHING chocolate!!!


love the tree idea!! very cool!!


I have a new favorite this year - candy Corn Kisses. If you haven't tried them yet you need to run to Target and get some, they are super yummy!!!


OOOOOO Peanut M&M's. Chocolate, Peanuts, Crunch, 'nuf said. : )


My fav is peanut butter M&M's...YUMMY!


What a terrific mini-album (although it's really not that mini!) ;-) Don't you just love Halloween? My fave Halloween candy has to be Reese's Peanut Butter them!!

Maxine Hodges

Love the Halloween tree by Debby.
My favorite candy always has been reeses peanut butter cups!


Oh, that canvas... Love.


Anything mini is yummy. But Reese's PB cups are my fav!

Karin H

What fun stuff .. I love the canvas and the mini book ...

Jen A

Reese's cups...oh, well, wait...anything CHOCOLATE!

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